jPOR- ImageJ-based porosity calculation from blue resin impregnated thin sections

(c) Clayton Grove and Dr. Dougal Jerram (Durham University)

jPOR is a macro toolset designed to work with the ImageJ public domain image processing program to allow the rapid measurement of porosity using prepared thin section images. jPOR is easy to use and requires no knowledge of specific thin sections or specialist computer training. Images can be sourced from either a digital film scanner or microscope making the use of high specification scientific equipment optional.

The program provides efficient porosity measurements using a peer-reviewed image processing methodology. There is a new palette that runs on Irfanview without an error, additional palettes for carbonate stained thin sections and an updated macro to size windows dependent on screen resolution.


The jPOR plug-in and user guide can be downloaded here (zip file, 538kb).

A series of test images can be downloaded here (zip file, 41Mb).

Further information

Please contact Clayton Grove (jpor @ for further details or questions.