Geological Image Analysis Software - GIAS v2


The following screenshots show results from an image of vesicles from a sample of basalt from Laki eruption (Iceland), courtesy of Dr. Emma Passmore (Nat. Hist. Museum).

Tab Panel 1:  Image Analysis Tab.
The input image is in the top-left corner. The input settings are controlled by the upper green panel. The lower blue panel shows the output of the analysis in the form of histograms of the object area distribution, object perimeter versus that of an equal area circle, histogram of object eccentricity and a rose diagram of the object orientations.

Tab Panel 2: Nearest Neighbor Analysis Tab.
This screenshot shows the analysis of the nearest neighbor distances of the vesicles. The distances are compared to a Poisson distribution to test if they are random  distributed or clustered or dispersed in some manner. This can help decide if there is an underlying process controlling how the vesicles are distributed. The software allows the changing of parameters to test whether differing vesicles sizes have different distributions, for example.